LinkoLin-Kun Plush v1


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LinkoLin-kun, first of his name, superhero of Helix Universe (of things we make up), is the official mascot of Helix Lab.

Take him with you everywhere you go, love him, embrace him, and share your fun moments with him on our discord; Introduce Linkolin to your colleagues, friends and families. You know to help facilitate the good old human interaction.

This what was originally a memed emoji was brought to me by our part-time team member Ogre, I was drawn to this facial expression almost instantly. Look at him, wouldn't you want to be that energetic? He's really has this "trying hard" type of intensity and sincerity.

We wish this plushy incarnation of Linkolin-kun inspires that energy in you for whatever you set off to do. Even more so we hope he would help you blow off steams by squeezing its sand bag body, we hope he would get you back up on your feet from whatever that knocked you down.

And all that, all of the above, is 15 dora prease. LOL. 

(Need to purchase a keyboard before you can grab one of these gentlemen)

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