[Global GB]TTC x Helix Skylar Switch (Tactile Clicky)


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Watch the type test by 3ildcat @ https://youtu.be/o44B29Kdb_o

Max's Skylar switch building premier @https://www.twitch.tv/videos/860569136

The renowned TTC x Helix Lab presents Helix Skylar, this should be the most crisp, sharp clicky sound that you ever heard coming out of a switch.  It's a reinvented structural design by TTC who is one of the leading players in switch manufacturing and is the among steadiest suppliers to brands like Razer, Logitech, and Roccat. We are fortunate to get the opportunity before all others to debut this renovated tactile structure.

TTC boosts Skylar's endurance to 100 millions clicks, as witnessed by my own eyes during my visits to their labs.  (though we are given the safety guideline of only advertise it to be up to 80 mill) what's notably important is that TTC solved the clicky sound that lingers after actuation of typical blue switches. Adding to that impressive improvement, combining with TTC's renowned reputation for endurance and stability of its dust and waterproof stem ,  resulting in a consistent crisp typing experience in terms of haptic as well as acoustic feedback.

We know tactile clicky switches like Cherry blue isn't popular, especially among custom keyboards communities. We are not daring to think we could change that, we just wanted to put the notion that there are different types of switches, and the clicky sounds can be customized too.  Each skylar switch has TTC and our name branded onto it to commemorate the first entry of Helix Lab's switch line.

*There might be a Skylar accented Aaru in wildcards. 

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