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[GB "Stage I" Closed] Aaru TKL

from $465.00

Color: Black

  • Black
  • E-White
  • Sand
  • Dark Green
  • Pink
  • Dark gold
  • WildcardSquared

PCB: Hotswap

  • Hotswap
  • Solder-WK
  • Solder-WKL

1.5 mm (Hotswap-WK-only)
4.0 mm (Hotswap-WK-only)
1.5 mm (solder- WKL compatible)

$569.00 $479.00

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Hello and welcome,
The long and gruesome stage I is finished. Thank you for your interests and supports. Stay tuned.

What's included

  • Top & Bottom Frame
  • Plate + PCB
  • Brass Weight
  • Underglow diffuser
  • Back Bar + TypeC badge
  • Hex Screws (m2.5) and Various Accessories


  • 6 standard colors: 5 are anodized: black, sand, dark gold, dark green, and pink. 1 is E-white.
    The "closer to reality renders" will be updated as more units are produced every couple of days. Most standards colors are more towards "matte" in the matte-glossy chart.
  • For every standard color, their respective secondary color, i.e. the color of plates and back bar, are fixed. Black's secondary color is gold; while all of Dark Gold, Sand, Dark Green, E-white's secondary color are black; pink's secondary is silver.
  • All standard weights are made of brass, sandblasted and E-clear coated to protect from oxidization. 
  • There are two version of PCBs, the hotswap version has per switch rgb leds reverse-mounted and hence switch north-facing.
    Hotswap layout as circled in black below does NOT support WKL version of the board unfortunately.
  • solder version has no rgb leds per switch, but has 2 sockets to sit single color LED.
  • "Wildcard Squared" option will be steadily available during the "early bird" stages of this GB, and will be randomly offered with increased price after this stage.
    This option means that you don't know what you'll be getting, you will be rolling the dice on the color or the type of finish you'll end up with. If the China gb is any indication, the majority are happy with their going for this option. 

Shipping Fees

  • Shipping Fees are not calculated or charged at your time of the purchase, but will be charged when your order have been produced and ready to ship out. This is so that we don't have to change whenever for many shipping addresses change over several month, this way you have one less thing to worry about, and I will have time to look for more budget friendly shipping methods so that you can save the hefty shipping fees for more actual stuff you want to purchase. 
  • If you placed your order before Jan 15th, odds are you've paid $1 - $3 than you should due shopify's template charging for default tax and shipping. These will be deducted when we collect actual shipping from you. So please don't worry. 


  • Type-C connectivity
  • Per-switch led and hotswap socket for hotswap version.
  • QMK compatible
  • VIA compatible.

Available units

<1300  (To protect from spamming and stuff, we'll be manually monitoring sales)

Estimated production time

4 months+

GB timeline

  • Starts: December 12th 23:59 (Pacific Standard Time)
  • Ends: TBA, if you are still seeing this link, it means we are still taking orders.
  • (Due to the sheer machine time each unit consumes, about 24 hours , our production has been going on none stop, so that your order will likely be queued for production immediately and will get to you within 4 months despite the gb timeline)

Welcome to the premiere of Aaru's Global Group Buy, what's probably one of the most faceted keyboard designs, keyboard with the longest automated milling time to date, CNC keyboard with most traces, smallest intervals, the list goes on.

IC Thread:

For those of you who've followed us, you'd know we've underwent excruciating paths to get to this point. More info please check  #📌丨updates on our or

We're new to shopify and web design (even if it's only modular), so things are expected to be bumpy the first few days (or weeks)
During the course of next few days, I will be adding more payment methods to better accommodate. Please be patient if you find things not working in the mean time and report to our discord's "Helix-site-related" channel if there's anything wrong.

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