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Color: Black

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Pair your aaru with Ankh Numpad with bluetooth connectivity and a custom made touchpad that R envisioned in the shape of the cartouche that's used in hieroglyphs to denote names of Kings and Pharaohs in ancient Egyptian civilizations. In efforts for consistency, the hieroglyphic embossing on the pad are from the bottom 4th to 5th row of the Rosetta stone's hieroglyph (top third) section continues from Aaru's bottom 1st to 3rd.

Spec Highlights:
per switch backlighting
hotswap switch sockets.
detachable 400mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery
(battery percentage shows on connected device)
made with 6 series Aluminum
all parts machined through CNC just like Aaru TKL
Included in the box:
the main frame,
pre-installed usb module on the pad's bottom right,
pre-installed touchpad module,
pcb and plate.
Ankh shaped weight
400mAh custom battery
A spare set of fpc wires for two daughterboards.
(the daughter board for touch module and usb module comes pre-installed with custom fpc wires)
Silicone footpads
Optional Upgrade:
Decorative Aluminum plates that takes the place of the touchpad.
The first--King Ptolemy V is both of the original design and of the original script on the Rosetta stone.
The Second is Cleopetra
The third is our mascot Linkolin-kun.
The Next Levels:
Ankh Divine Edition is available
with Black Gold, Silver Gold, and Pink Gold versions. For a limited quantity on each production batch, it will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

The custom sized touchpad functions as a regular pad found on any laptop,
as its current state on Jan 2022: it recognizes single taps, single finger gestures from top sliding down and bottom sliding up, through a dedicated driver program, they can be programmed to perform keyboard and mouse inputs.
There is also native support of two finger gestures that would function as scroll button on mouse with great sensitivity and inertia.
We hope these functions will make Ankh Numpad a potential productivity tool to help boost your input workflow as well as it brings style and sophistication to your desktop appearance.
We haven't been advertising the pad but only kept in close circles to test out potential bugs and improve firmware and drivers from feedbacks of our first batch users.Though we hope to start contacting collaborating reviewers and send out reviewing builds soon.
Future update includes fixing a rare case when switching mode the bluetooth module may freeze when searching for previous paired devices, adding two finger pinching for zooming in and out as native functions on touchpad, adding cursor moving capability as an option for those who wants to use the narrow pad for some Y-axis cursor maneuver.
Unlike Aaru's SD card solution, Ankh Numpad's firmware and driver rollouts can be downloaded from our site, and flashing firmware can be down with one click of the program when numpad is connected via type-c.


Note on Availability:
In efforts to Improve buying experience through reducing times to wait for production after a typical group buy, we have been trying to order productions ahead of time and in batches, so that when it launches, there will be volumes finish production close by. Those labelled "In stock" with a shipping date means that the majority, if not all, of the components have been produced and had reached our warehouse.

 Note on Shipping:
It has been a painful experience for us in 2021 to navigate a reliable shipping service that provides stable service and reasonable price. Unfortunately, factors like Covid induced custom halt, chip shortages, the increase in global shipping costs, as well as ineffectiveness at the local agencies we tried have all caused many problems in many batches of the shipments we sent out throughout the year.
Among them the most frequent encountered problem is the tracking number being created but not showing movement for days even weeks. When that happens, there's little we could do because the shipping fees had already been paid on our end, except to yell at our agent everyday to either urge update the status or retract and send through a different provider.The response we often receive repeatedly is "there will be an update today" then nothing happens from different agent we tried.
The reason not to go through Fedex,DHL or UPS directly but through proxy agents are for reducing individual shipping costs of every parcel, the direct retail price on international shipping is much higher, and we may only send through mainland China, where through proxy, we have the option to send through HongKong, which was in general a better and more hassle free option before covid, it still is in most cases, but the average wait time have been very unstable.
For this past year, more often than not, it costs us more to get the parcel out than we charged for shipping.
  We will continue to seek better solutions for shipping to increase experience on delivery. If you encounter problems and R hasn't responded on Discord, please email us at
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