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Extra PCB Exclusive to "Stage I" GB (Ships In August)

$50.00 – $60.00

In stock: Solder (WKL and WK compatible)

  • Solder (WKL and WK compatible)
  • HotSwap (only WK compatible)
  • Solder (PreOrder eta by the end of August)
  • HotSwap(PreOrder eta by the end of August)
$75.00 $50.00

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Extra PCB for Stage I Groupbuy

This product is reserved for stage I GB users. (with order # before 1223), if you do not have an order number yet, please wait for stage II (official) GB to start.

Solder version of Aaru is compatible with most layouts ANSI, ISO 87%, 7U spacebar, WKL, stepped Caps, splitting left and right "shift" and the regular ansi. It leaves room for 2-pin LEDs for more. Solder version has the LEDs in south position.

HotSwap Version supports only ANSI and has per switch RGB LEDs (north facing)

Note on extras:

There have been a global shortage for silicon and Aaru is unfortunately affected greatly by that as well. Although we had planned ahead and had prepared for the shortage, we are yet still struggling to have 1 per each board. We have made two big volume purchase earlier last month to cope, I think our PCB line will resume supply mid July to early August.

In short,

1. We kept the prices for PCBs relatively steady in the face of shortage and price rockets, but there will be a limitation of only 1 extra PCB (solder or Hotswap) per Aaru. e.g. if you have bought 2 Aarus with your order, then you can buy no more than 2 extra boards in total.

2. Due to processor shortage, your order of spare PCB may not be ready together with your Aaru's delivery schedule. (the pcbs within your Aaru package were reserved, but we didn't reserve enough hence this delay in discussion) Our working estimate on spare PCB shipping date is from the end of July to early August. (You could always decide to wait everything is made and ready to ship to make the plan most suitable for you, just contact us on our discord server.


Additionally, many have worried about future supports for Aaru's PCB as it is a common concern for all custom pcbs especially people are continents apart. We will do our best to provide support. From providing comprehensive user guides to work with various distributors who will make the turnaround time not as painful and not as pricey compare to shipping international.

In sum, do not worry about support, Aaru's PCB will be stuck around for a while. 

Shipping and GB Rules Apply.

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